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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Scoutium?
Scoutium is a crowdbased digital scouting platform that delivers user footballer evaluations and live analysis to the football clubs thereby helping them to be discovered.
Do I have to pay to join Scoutium?
Scoutium is absolutely free for all fans
How does Scoutium work?
Scoutium collects footballer evaluations from the fans in the system. These evaluations are then taken through the Scouitum Algorythm and compiled to be presented to the clubs. Successful evaluations get the fans valuable points and higher rankings and eventually a position to complete tasks opened by clubs and players. Fans can get their opinions straight to the clubs without any obstructions, even have the opportunity to touch a footballer's life. They can earn money, win match tickets and valuable prizes in the process. They become part of this beautiful game more than ever before.
What is the goal of Scoutium?
Our goal is to uncover the talents offootballers and scouts, provide a wide, detailed and precise database for the clubs and bring a new perspective for the fan engagement and enjoyment.
Who can use Scoutium?
Scoutium can be used by all football lovers, licenced footballers, football clubs, coaches, managers and all football professionals.
What can I do with Scoutium?
You can evaluate players of your choice, you can take team analysis and player evaluation tasks that the football clubs create, win points with these evaluations and tasks and increase your rating. You can showcase your evaluations, completed tasks, points and ranking to your friends and also see other fan evaluations and tasks. You can prove your knowledge of the game and become a Scoutium Scout where you can earn money completing live analysis tasks, showcase your talents to be hired by clubs as part of their scouting network.
How do you rate a fan evaluation I have made in Scoutium?
Scoutium analyses and rates your evaluation through the Scoutium Algorythm. Unreal, subjective or random evaluations are spotted by the system and eliminated from the database.
Why is an evaluation analysed and rated in Scoutium?
Because Scoutium wants to maintain total objectivity. Scoutium offers advice to the clubs for their transfers, footballers use the system to be evaluated. A subjective evaluation that highlights or downsize a player's abilities will do harm to our system and the game in general.
Which footballers can I evaluate in Scoutium?
You can evaluate any professional or amateur licenced player playing anywhere in the world.
How can I evaluate a player in Scoutium?
Scoutium Player Evaluation Form, which was prepared by professional football scouts, includes many attributes of the player which you can rate as very good, good, medium, bad or very bad. If you collect enough points and reach Pro Level, you may make more detailed evaluations.
How do I gain points and increase my ranking in Scoutium?
You gain points for footballer evaluations and completed tasks in Scoutium. The points you get after each evaluation or task may differ according to the difficulty level. These points increase your ranking, you may enter Pro Mode or be a Scoutium Scout.
What is Scoutium Pro Mode? How do I get there?
Scoutium Pro Mode is the step fans get to before being a Scoutium Scout. When you get enough points to become a Scoutium Scout, you enter the Pro Mode. You can then start to evaluate players on a more detailed and professional evaluation form. If you don't want to become a Scoutium Scout, or happy with the very good - good - medium - bad - very bad scale, you may choose to remain as a fan user. Once you go Pro, you can change your mind and go back to fan mode.
What is a Scoutium Scout? How can I be a Scoutium Scout?
A Scoutium Scout is a user that has completed the Scoutium application process successfully. Once you become a Scoutium Scout, you can get evaluation and analysis tasks created by clubs and footballers and get paid for completing them. To be Scoutium Scout, a fan user must complete enough recommendations, evaluations and tasks that has gone through the Scoutium Algorythm. Then, you can apply to be a Scoutium Scout, go through the elimination and interview process to become a Scoutium Scout.
Can I get a higher ranking after being a Scoutium Scout?
Once you become a Scoutium Scout, you will continue to gain points and ranking as well as getting paid when you complete live analysis tasks. The higher your ranking, the more you make per live analysis tasks you complete. When you reach the final level, your details can be seen by football clubs who may choose to hire you.
What are Scoutium tasks?
Footballer and club tasks can be taken by high ranking users. After you reach the level of Scoutium Scout, you can choose to switch to Pro Mode to complete tasks to increase your ranking.
How can I make money with Scoutium?
When you become a Scoutium Scout, you can take paid tasks created by the clubs or the 'Evauate Me' tasks footballers open. You will be going to the games and complete these tasks and then get paid by Scoutium.
How can I win prizes with Scoutium?
There are weekly and monthly standings tables in Scoutium. You win prizes when you get good rankings.
What is Scoutium Index?
Scoutium Index is the average grade over 100 of the player and consists of three sub indexes (mental, physical and technical). Users complete Scoutium Player Evaluation Forms for players which are then transformed into the Scoutium Index for that player. Each position has its own weight of importance and users views and evaluations make up this important figure. Clubs can then filter footballers from the database according to sub indexes, users can see the Scoutium Index of each player, compare them againt eachother and have many fun hours in the system.
What can I do with Scoutium as a footballer?
As a footballer, you can register in Scoutium and create your profile for free. You can view the fans view and evaluation of your game and see yourself from the view of the fans at the stands, get valuable ideas of what to improve in your game. More importantly, you can create tasks for Scoutium Scouts to come and watch you live and evaluate you as many times as you like. You may view their reports, showcase your reports to clubs you are interested in. If you wish, you can also upload your videos to the system for clubs to discover your talents.
How is my evaluation done?
User fans can evaluate players on 22 attributes under 3 sub categories (physical, mental and technical) weighted according to the position you play. These evaluations form the players grade which we call the Scoutium Index. For a Scoutium Index be formed, at least 10 evaluations must be in the system. Subjective evaluations that overstate or understate the value of the player are eliminated by the Scoutium Algorythm and therefore we get an objective data for each player. Scoutium-Pro Mode users can evaluate players attributes over 10 points instead of 5 (very good - good - medium - bad - very bad). Scoutium Scouts who perform the paid tasks evaluate the player attributes over 10 points, prepare an analysis report and upload a short video of the player in that game. This will also ensure the clubs get as much accurate information about you as possible.
What if I don't play in the game the Scoutium Scout comes to perform the task or the Scoutium Scout never shows up?
If you don't get to play in the game you created a task for a Scoutium Scout, half of your money is returned to you. The other half is paid to the Scoutium Scout for his expenses. If the Scoutium Scout does not show up in your game or does not upload your analysis to the system for some reason, you will be fully refunded.
What part of my profile can the users and the clubs see?
General information like height, weight and date of birth, position and club information, videos that you have uploaded, estimated value, contract expiry date and Scoutium Index points can be seen by all users and all clubs. Your contact information, name of your agent (if applicable), details of the Scoutium Index, analysis and reports and videos uploaded to the system by Scoutium Scouts can only be seen by clubs and football professionals that are members of the system.
What is the showcase option?
Users who reach Scoutium Pro level need to make at least 3 live analysis before they can qualify to become a Scoutium Scout. As a footballer, you can purchase a Showcase Special and that will be priority for these users for their live analysis tasks. You don't have to pay any extra fees for these live analysis.
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