Scoutium Personal Data Contract
Scoutium Personal Data Contract
Article 1:Subject and Scope of the Agreement

This Personal Data Agreement sets forth the terms and conditions on the storage, use, processing and sharing of the personal data shared with Scoutium Futbol Teknolojileri A.Ş. (“Scoutium”) on the online application named “Scoutium” (any digital platform including but not limited with the web application and the smart phone applications (“System”) by the observer members/footballers/visitors (“Data Subject”) who use the System or the personal data produced by Scoutium during the use of the System by the Data Subject in accordance with the Law on the Protection of Personal Data.

This Agreement is an integral and inseparable part of Scoutium Footballer Agreement, Scoutium User Agreement and Club Agreement.

Article 2: Scope of Personal Data

Unless otherwise explicitly indicated, within the scope of terms and conditions under this Scoutium Personal Data Agreement, the term of “Personal Data” shall cover the following information:

  • Identity and Contact Information (name, surname, telephone, e-mail, address, birth date, front page photo of the identity card)
  • User Information, User Transaction Information, Financial Information (member information, ID number, the data on date and time of Scoutium service use, invoice and payment information, balance information, shared analyses, markings, objections to analyses and similar information)
  • Transaction Security Information (passwords)
  • Photos, videos and visuals
  • Cookie records (including without limitation) and all types of personal data acquired or produced either automatically or non-automatically due to use of Scoutium platforms as well as any other personal data of any kind listed under the text of this agreement.
Article 3: Personal Data Collection, Processing and Sharing

Scoutium may acquire your personal data through Scoutium platforms, our website, our business partners, online transactions and call centre in oral, written, electronic form or directly from you or from Credit Record Bureau (KKB), Risk Centre or similar institutions or public authorities, or direct or indirect subsidiaries or controlling shareholders or the real or legal persons who are providing or acquiring services from you.

The Personal Data shared with Scoutium by the Data Subject or acquired by Scoutium as per this agreement may be processed for the Data Subject to benefit from the services provided through the System, the membership registration to the System, the realization of updates regarding the membership registration, performance and improvement of the services provided by Scoutium through the System, introduction of new services and notification of the Data Subject in that respect.

The relevant personal data may be used to contact the Data Subject and for improving the experience on the System as well as to conduct statistical evaluations or to create database within the scope of internal reporting and business development activities.

Scoutium may also process Personal Data and share it with 3rd parties without obtaining the consent of the Data Subject in the event of existence of the exceptions according to article 5/2, 6/3 under the Law on Personal Data Protection.

Article 4: Storage and Security of Personal Data

Personal Data will be stored for as long as the data processing purpose is valid. If the Personal Data is required to be kept for a certain legal period for reporting and information purposes to public authorities and regulatory authorities, these legal period shall apply.

Article 5: Representations and Undertakings of the Data Subject

The goal of Scoutium is to provide advertising that is valuable to all users and advertisers, as well as to other commercial or sponsored content, as described in clause 1. To help accomplish this, the Data Subject accepts the following:

Subject to the Law on Personal Data Protection and the principles of Scoutium set forth thereof and in connection with the commercial, sponsored or other relevant content we offered or developed, you hereby explicitly consent that we use, process, stored and maintain, analyse, classify, update, transfer within the country or to abroad, share with third party providers and/or consultants of your name, profile picture, content, photos, videos, visuals, evaluations you make and/or that are made for you, information and data shared by you or that are acquired automatically or non-automatically due to use of Scoutium platforms. This means that for example, you consent that a company or other entity pays us a fee for us to show or share your name, profile picture, content, photos, videos, visuals, evaluations you make and/or that are made for you, information and profile data shared by you or that are acquired automatically or non-automatically due to use of Scoutium platforms, without making any payment to you. In addition, in-app activities shall be considered as personal data including our Members’ ranks, scores, score breakdowns, badges, number of followers of the Member, number of users followed, users followed, names of Footballers and clubs, names of users following, number of Footballers recommended by the Members, Scoutium membership date, Footballers evaluated previously, the club they favor, the scores taken as a result of the evaluation and their breakdown, the general index as a result of the evaluation of the Footballer, the number of his/her duties, the number of clubs the duties of which are made, the club's point star, the number of Footballers the duties of which are made, the names and numbers of the Footballers transferred, user photos, videos of Footballers taken and uploaded and the comments and likes about Footballers. Even if the information and content are deleted by you, Scoutium may process these personal data or share with its business partners, store, categorize, analyse, classify, update, transfer within the country or to abroad or share with third party providers and/or consultants and 3rd parties. You deem to have given these consent upon your membership to the System.

The Data Subject accepts that Scoutium may not indicate that some services and communications are subject to certain fees.

Any person who approves this text or continues to use the Site, the Application or any other service without accepting this text, shall be deemed to have explicitly consented and approved that we use, process, stored and maintain, analyse, classify, update, transfer within the country or to abroad, share with third party providers and/or consultants, the information and data shared by you or that are acquired automatically or non-automatically due to use of Scoutium platforms, within the terms of membership or any other legal term if any, or announced by Scoutium, provided that it is within the limits of this text.

Article 6: Scoutium’s Obligations

According to Law on Personal Data Protection, the Data Subject, by applying Scoutium, has right to:

  • earn whether his personal data are being processed,
  • request information on such personal data undergoing processing,
  • learn the purpose of the processing and whether the personal data is used in compatible with such purpose,
  • know the third parties to whom the personal data is transferred in or outside the country,
  • if the content of your data is inaccurate or false, request the rectification of such data, and the notification of third parties to whom the data transferred in that regards,
  • if the content of your personal data is unlawful, request the erasure or blocking of such data,
  • request the notification of any rectification, erasure or blocking to third parties to whom the data have been disclosed,
  • although the personal data is processed in accordance with the Law numbered 6698 and the provisions of other relevant laws, if the reasons for processing of the personal data are not relevant anymore, request the deletion and termination of the personal data and the notification of third parties to whom the data transferred in that regards,
  • object to the analyses to be made through exclusively automatic systems and the negative results to be obtained,
  • claim the indemnification of damages in the event that you suffer damages due to unlawful processing of your personal data.

Scoutium shall finalize these requests as per the characteristics of the request as soon as possible and at the latest within thirty days free of charge. However, if the action has a cost, Scoutium may request a fee in accordance with the tariffs to be determined by the Personal Data Protection Board.

Article 7: Confidentiality Principles and Amendments

The provisions of this agreement may be re-edited, arranged and updated depending on the changes to be made in the legislation or new features to be added to the digital platforms or new proposals are received by our users. In such case, we inform you by publishing these changes on our website. In cases which carry specific importance, we may further inform you about these changes via e-mail or other attention taking ways which are reasonably designed. You reserve the right to close your account at any time if you do not agree to the terms of this privacy policy or an updated privacy policy. For this reason, we recommend that you review the privacy policy each time you visit Scoutium. If the terms of the Privacy Policy change, it shall be effective on the date of publication. These changes are also deemed to have accepted as you continue to benefit from the services provided after the amendments. The terms of this Agreement may be amended. The amendments will notified through the System by Scoutium.

Scoutium takes all necessary technical and administrative measures to ensure the proper level of security in order to ensure that personal data is protected against the unlawful processing and access of personal data by showing the utmost care to store your information; on the other hand Scoutium has no obligation other than notifying the data subject and necessary public authorities in the event that the personal data stored by Scoutium is acquired, changed or deleted due to illegal access to the system where data is stored, the failure or change of the functions of such system. Every time you visit our Website, Application and our platforms, we record your IP address, operating system, the browser you use (chrome, explorer, etc.), connection time and term, and similar information automatically and these information which are recorded without your consent may be used by Scoutium in relation to your personal information or anonymously provided that they are shared with 3rd parties.

Within the scope of relevant Law, if requested by the public authorities who are authorized to request personal information, your personal data will be transferred to such public authorities.

Article 8: Cookies

Cookies are small text files that are stored on your device or network server through browsers by the websites you visit.

Cookies or javascript codes or similar tracing data may be placed to your computer for analyzing site usage when you are on the Website, Application or platforms data or on your computer while you are on the Site, platforms or the Application. Cookies are simple text files and do not contain any personally identifiable information, however session information and similar data are stored and can be used to re-identify you. Using cookies, we provide you with personalized service, verify your identity when you visit our platforms, and improve and reform our services.

Scoutium will be able to use cookies and process the data in this context and will be able to transmit such data to third parties only for the purpose of processing as required by this analysis services provided by third parties.

If you do not prefer using cookies, you can delete or prevent cookies from your browser settings. We will assume that you accept the use of cookies in our System unless you change your cookie settings from your browser.

Article 8: Applicable Law, Competent Court and Execution Offices

This Representation is subject to laws of the Republic of Turkey and any disputes that may arise from the implementation shall be resolved by the Central Courts and Execution Offices (Çağlayan) of İstanbul.